I learn someplace that Cranium Crushers are the one train that has a “warning” of their title. I can solely picture how the title happened, however what I do know is that it is most likely one of many single finest Triceps Workouts you are able to do. What’s much more superior about this train is that you do not even want a health club to do them! Physique weight Cranium Crushers could be simply as efficient and getting these shirt busting weapons that you just’re capturing for!

Physique weight Cranium Crushers

Guys might chuckle off most physique weight workouts as a result of they assume they should be lifting mass quantities of weight to construct muscle. This actually is not the case and you’ll go to any cross-training health club or take a circuit / bootcamp type class so see some actually sizzling physiques that had been constructed from largely body weight workouts. For the ladies worry not, you are not going to get the majority the blokes will anyway due to purely genetic causes, and that is an superior train to assist tone the higher arms.

What are Physique weight Cranium Crushers?

They are a variation of the widespread Cranium Crusher Tricep exercise. With weights, you are laying on a bench and lengthening a barbell to your brow. With the body weight model you are utilizing gravity, positioning, and nicely… your physique’s personal weight.

The right way to Do Physique weight Cranium Crushers.

1. Within the Gymnasium: On a Smith Machine or rack set, regulate the bar to waist top or barely larger. Outdoors the Gymnasium: You should use nearly any steady object that lets you grasp together with your arms like a counter high or staircase railing.

2. Preserve your abs tight and type a plank as you grasp the bar from the upright place. (Observe: a pair of lifting grips will ease hand fatigue and provide you with a extra steady grip.)

3. Decrease your physique, bending on the elbows till your brow is about to the touch the bar. You may need to give attention to holding your elbows tucked into your sides as a lot as potential. Pause.

4. Return again to the beginning place, and that completes one full rep!


The upper the bar, the much less you will be working the Triceps. The decrease the bar, the extra you will hit the triceps.

This isn’t solely an important Triceps Train, nevertheless it’s stability train. Since you’re additionally participating your core in “planking” you will most likely even really feel it in your abs as nicely!