What are the top 10 most innovative health startups worldwide this year?

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Here is a list of ten innovative health startups worldwide in 2021:

1. 23andMe: A leading genetic testing and analysis company that provides personalized health reports based on individuals’ genetic information.
2. Butterfly Network: Known for its handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound device, Butterfly Network aims to make medical imaging more accessible and affordable.
3. Virta Health: A digital health company focused on treating and reversing type 2 diabetes through personalized nutrition and remote monitoring.
4. K Health: Developed an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that utilizes anonymous health records to provide individuals with personalized diagnoses and treatment recommendations.
5. Capsule: A next-generation pharmacy platform that offers free, same-day prescription delivery and 24/7 access to healthcare professionals.
6. Verily Life Sciences: Alphabet’s life sciences subsidiary working on various innovative health projects, including wearable devices, disease detection, and clinical studies.
7. Hinge Health: Provides digital solutions for musculoskeletal conditions, offering remote coaching, therapy, and exercise programs for chronic pain management.
8. Woebot Health: An AI-powered mental health chatbot that offers cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and emotional support to users.
9. Babylon Health: Offers a telemedicine app that provides virtual consultations with healthcare professionals and AI-powered symptom triage.
10. Oura Health: Developed a high-tech smart ring that tracks sleep patterns, activity levels, and physiological data to help users improve their overall health and well-being.

Please note that the listing is based on subjective criteria and the rapidly evolving nature of the startup ecosystem.

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