What are the top 10 global initiatives to combat obesity and promote physical health?

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1. World Health Organization (WHO) Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health: This initiative aims to promote healthy eating and physical activity as key elements in preventing obesity and fostering overall health.

2. Healthy People 2020: This initiative by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sets specific objectives for improving nutrition and physical activity to reduce obesity and related health issues.

3. Let’s Move!: Launched by the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, this campaign focuses on improving child nutrition, increasing physical activity, and ensuring access to healthy food choices.

4. Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance: This alliance brings together researchers from around the world to evaluate and advocate for physical activity among children and youth, aiming to combat obesity and related risks.

5. The Global Energy Balance Network: This initiative focuses on educating individuals about the importance of balancing energy intake from food with energy expenditure through physical activity to prevent obesity.

6. Healthy Caribbean Coalition: A regional coalition in the Caribbean aiming to promote healthy lifestyles, including fostering healthy eating habits and increasing physical activity, to combat obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

7. National Obesity Forum (UK): This independent organization in the UK promotes awareness, prevention, and treatment of obesity through education, advocacy, and collaboration with professional bodies and government.

8. Health Promotion Board (Singapore): This government agency in Singapore implements various initiatives to encourage healthy eating, physical activity, and weight management, including school-based programs and national campaigns.

9. Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (Australia): This coalition brings together healthcare professionals, researchers, and community organizations to advocate for evidence-based strategies to prevent childhood obesity in Australia.

10. Active Living Research: A program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Active Living Research supports studies and initiatives to promote active lifestyles, including physical activity and walkability initiatives, with the aim of combatting obesity.

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